March 05, 2008

Wealth chart update

Forbes has its latest survey of the Worlds's billionaires Warren Buffet is back to being the world's richest man.

2007200620052004Wealth Amount
8532US$30B+ Forbes list (which mainly catches owners
77674932US$10B+ of public assets, can underestimate some
203167124102US$5B+ like CTO of Cisco, who may be billionaire
1125946793691US$1B+ from cisco stock + large startup positions)
??940082007500US$160M+ (my own estimate)
??95,0008540077500US$30M+ (UHNW, ultra high net worth class)
??(e)930,000820000745000US$5 to 30M
8.6M 7.8M7.4M US$1-5M Global number, US number 33% (2.6 million)
??9.5M 8.7M8.2MUS$1M+ Global number, US number 33% ( 2.6 million)
??~26M~24M~22MUS$500K-1M doesn't include primary residence, (estimate)

Sources of wealth for the rich and how much money it takes to be rich

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