June 24, 2008

The Rich still got richer and more numerous

The Merryl Lynch/Cap Gemini Wealth report for 2008 is out looking back at 2007 statistics As of 2007 there are 10.1 millionaires in the world, which is an increase of 600,000 over 2006.

HNWI wealth grew by 9.4%, to US$40.7 trillion—a slight deceleration from the 11.4% growth witnessed in 2006. The largest regional gains in wealth were in Latin America and the Middle East, up by 20.4% and 17.5%, respectively. For their part, Ultra-HNWIs (those with over 30 million in assets not including their primary house) posted the highest gains of any “wealth band,” both in population, up 8.8%, and total assets, up 14.5%.

Prior wealth chart update

2007200620052004Wealth Amount
8532US$30B+ Forbes list (which mainly catches owners
77674932US$10B+ of public assets, can underestimate some
203167124102US$5B+ like CTO of Cisco, who may be billionaire
1125946793691US$1B+ from cisco stock + large startup positions)
10,000940082007500US$160M+ (my own estimate)
103,30095,0008540077500US$30M+ (UHNW, ultra high net worth class)
990,000(e)930,000820000745000US$5 to 30M
9.3M8.6M 7.8M7.4M US$1-5M Global number, US number 33% (2.6 million)
10.1M9.5M 8.7M8.2MUS$1M+ Global number, US number 33% ( 2.6 million)
28M~26M~24M~22MUS$500K-1M doesn't include primary residence, (estimate)

The 2007 world wealth report

Future wealth projection

What countries should do to win for their people

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