August 28, 2008

Life extension project is in the running for American Express grant/prize

As of Aug 28, 2008 at 4:52pm PST, the life extension project is 21st on the list of projects with 1500 nominations. The current top projects have 3000 to 3900 nominations. There are four more days of voting. More of votes are needed to ensure that the life extension project makes the top 25. The next round of voting will need to see at least three times the current rate of votes to ensure a victory.

American Express is going to fund the winning projects with $2.5 million:

* $1,500,000 for the winning project
* $500,000 for the 2nd place project
* $300,000 for the 3rd place project
* $100,000 each for the two remaining finalist projects

The 12 member Advisory Panel will evaluate the projects in conjunction with American Express to determine which projects progress to the Top 25 voting round. A winning project must first make it into the Top 25 and into the Top 5. Then, it must receive the most votes of all the projects.

If you are an american express cardmember or just a US resident you can vote to support an Aubrey de Grey life extension project which is in the running for $1.5 million from American Express.

The advisory panel is here
Voting ends September 1st, take a second to vote now.

Here is the page where you can vote "nominate".

Log in either as an Amex Card Member or as a Guest Member on the top right side (any US resident can vote.

This is the Methuselah Foundation Page with some more details if you are interested.

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