August 25, 2008

One wheel and three wheel motorbikes

Ben Gulak has developed a 15 mph unocycle all electric (battery powered) based on Segway balancing technology. Ben Gulak, suspects it could go as high as 40 mph.

Jake Loniak (Art College Student) has a wearable motorcycle concept.

The wearable motorcycle would have nano phosphate batteries and artificial muscles to give it a theoretical top speed of 75mph. A video demonstrates Deus’s intended functional ability: namely standing up while being mounted and then laying down for high-speed stability. According to Popular Science a functional prototype may be feasible. The 36 artificial muscles, for instance, are made by Festo, while the Lithium Ion batteries are produced by Massachusetts-based A123.

Bombardier the leading builder of skidoos has a one wheel motorbike concept, the Embrio (design has been around since 2003. No indications that it will be built)

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