October 01, 2009

Nvidia Fermi and the Oak Ridge GPGPU Supercomputer

HPC Wire speculates that the Oak Ridge National Lab Nvidia supercomputer will be ready in 2011 with 20-25 petaflops. The plan for an exaflop supercomputer is for 1 exaflop by 2019.

ORNL's Fermi machine will be built by Cray. At the "Breakthroughs in High Performance Computing" session on Wednesday evening, Cray CTO Steve Scott basically gave Fermi the seal of approval for its use in high-end supercomputers. The new features that made that possible: ECC, a lot more DP performance, a unified address space, and support for concurrent kernels. Cray intends to add the upcoming GPUs in next year's new XT line (XT6?). Scott said the Fermi chips will be integrated into Cray's SeaStar interconnect, presumably co-habitating with AMD Opteron hardware

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