February 12, 2010

Brian Wang Interviewed for Public Access Show Future Talk on an Introduction to Nanotechnology

Public Access TV Show Future Talk has an episode on Nanotechnology and it's future applications Host Martin Wasserman interviews technology forecaster and research director of the Lifeboat Foundation Brian Wang, and managing partner of Cleantech Circle and co-founder of the MIT-Stanford-Berkeley Nanotechnology Forum Wasiq Bokhari.

The show is about 30 minutes long and was a basic introduction to the concepts and issues around Nanotechnology.

Future Talk is a cable TV show produced at the Midpeninsula Media Center in Palo Alto, California. The premise of the show is that technology is changing the world at a very rapid pace, and that these changes contain not only promises, but also perils. The show features leading edge guests who analyze the direction of technology, and what we can do to extract the maximum benefits from it, while minimizing the possibility of harm.


I had answered that I thought that DNA nanotechnology and carbon nanotube nanotechnology are two of the most interesting areas of nanotechnology today. DNA Nanotechnology has very interesting and high potential research and carbon nanotubes are being deployed for commercial use now. Not stated in the show is the graphene technology which is closely related to the carbon nanotube work.

DNA Nanotechnology is progressing to hierarchical tiling from the stapling method of DNA Origami

Eric Drexler talks about the self assembly pathway to molecular nanotechnology

Chris Phoenix suggests enhancing structural DNA to make centimeter scale constructs

The University of Florida developed light activated nanomotors of DNA

DNA was used to form sheets of metal nanoparticles

DNA box application of 3D DNA nanotechnology

More shapes and tools are being made from DNA

Another method for 3 dimensional DNA

Carbon Nanotubes fibers can be hundreds of meters long

Carbon nanotube factories with higher production levels are being opened In total about 1000 tons/year of carbon nanotubes will be made in 2010.

Carbon nanotubes are being put into electronics, displays, deguassing replacement for copper in planes and satellites and many other applications.

DNA origami is being used to place carbon nanotubes

The Computational chemistry work of Ralph Merkle and Robert Freitas is being experimentally tested by Philip Moriarty Merkle and Freitas have determined 9 pieces of a molecular toolset which should be usable to enable diamondoid molecular nanotechnology.

If Advanced Nanotechnology is Developed, What will it Mean?

Military Nanofactory level Nanotech

Not nanotech per se (except if you could use advanced nanotech to separate deuterium from hydrogen. Solar explosions (large solar flares) could be unleashed with future man made technology.

There are a lot more implications and possibilities and developments that are discussed and tracked here at nextbigfuture.

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