May 27, 2010

Nvidia Fermi GPGPU has Delays, Power Problems and Scaled Back Earlier Performance

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The Inquirer reports that the Nvidia Fermi GPGPU is a power hungry chip, which poses problems for the HPC (High Performance Computing) customers

To accommodate Tesla boards Mannel said that SGI and its customers have had to "scale up the cooling infrastructure" to meet the higher ambient temperature demands in HPC data centres due to the additional heat output of the hardware.

After the delays, the scaling back of performance and increases in power consumption and cooling needs, it's no surprise that SGI is looking elsewhere.

Bill Mannel, SGI's senior director of server product marketing, said he expects there to be "even performance capability" between AMD/ATI and Nvidia within the next 18 months

The latest Nvidia Fermi specifications detail a 18 per cent clock decrease, coupled with a previously announced 12.5 per cent cut in the number of "stream processors" from 512 to 448, and the board tipped up drawing 10 per cent more power than previous vague estimates that had been bandied about by the firm late last year.

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