June 03, 2010

EEStor gets a Grid Storage Patent and Recapping Gets ARPA-E Funding for high Density Capacitor

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EEstor received a patent for large scale grid storage.

ARPA-E provided one million dollars in funding for Recapping Inc.
Pennsylvania University in conjunction with Recapping Inc. in Menlo Park, Calif., will develop a novel energy storage device — a high-energy density capacitor — based on a 3D nanocomposite structure. The device is expected to provide a cost-effective alternative to battery solutions, with added benefits of possibly delivering charge with high-power density.

The basic fabrication of the dielectric materials and devices will utilize traditional multilayer ceramic fabrication methods that will provide a cost effective alternative to battery solutions, with added benefits of exploiting mechanisms that could maintain higher cycling and possibly deliver charge with high power density. This technology hopes to create a cyclable and economically competitive energy storage device that will catalyze new, related cleantech industries and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases and oil imports.

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