August 09, 2010

Carnival of Space 166 - Project Argus

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The Carnival of Space 166 is up at the Gishbar Times

This site provided these two articles:

High school student Erika DeBenedictis made prototype software for calculating and navigating low energy orbits using gravitational manifolds. This will enable autonomous robotic spacecraft to go anywhere in the solar system. By developing ion drives and power systems that are compatible with the composition of asteroids, this would allow refueling and basic asteroid mining and resource usage.

Reaction Engines who are developing the Skylon space plane have a video of a proposed Mars mission using their systems.

Centauri Dreams examines Project Argus, which would use quite a number of radio telescope to provide more continuous temporal coverage of the entire sky in order to look for short radio bursts from extraterrestrial civilizations

Amateur astronomers could each put a few thousand dollars into an amateur radio telescope capable of the microwave coverage Project Argus demands. What you get with 5,000 small telescopes is full-sky coverage with the ability to pick up microwave radiation from a technologically advanced civilization out to several hundred light years. In a recent post on a mailing list of space professionals, writer David Brin noted that targeted signals like those sent to other stars from the Evpatoria radio telescope in the Crimea would probably not be detectable by an Allen Telescope Array, whereas a Project Argus at full strength would have found them

One of the leading forces in the space habitation movement is the Space Studies Institute (SSI). Habitation Intention has an interview with Dr Lee Valentin of the Space Studies Institute.

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