August 10, 2010

DARPA Has a $25 Million GPU supercomputer Project and Dell has a 16 GPU chasis

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A team led by NVIDIA has been awarded a four-year research grant of $25 million under DARPA's Ubiquitous High Performance Computing (UHPC ) program, covers work to develop GPU technologies required to build the new class of exascale supercomputers which will be 1,000-times more powerful than today's fastest supercomputers.

Dell has the first commercial 16-GPU chassis on the market and it is 25 percent denser than its closest competitor

Dell has unveiled the PowerEdge C410x, a 3U PCI-Express expansion chassis that can house up to 16 external devices and connect up to as many as 8 servers. The first iteration will be used for GPGPUs, although PCIe flash memory or network adapter cards could presumably be added in later versions.

The initial C410x will support NVIDIA's Tesla GPU modules: the older 10-series M1050 as well as the new 20-series (Fermi) M2050 (and M2070, when it becomes available). Full loaded with M2050 GPUs, the chassis delivers 16.5 double precision teraflops of peak performance in a 3U space

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