August 04, 2010

Techonomy - Stewart Brand - Why We Should All Think Like Engineers

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Q - What does a Biologist know about being an engineer ?

A - I [Stewart Brand] have the genes of an engineer. My father and brother were engineers and I was bit by the hacker bug early.

Q- Reinventing Infrastructure

Bridge is infrastructure, river is also infrastructure.

Radio spectrum is infrastructure but so is the environment

We are terraforming the planet but doing it badly, we should do terraforming well

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whole Earth Catalog was libertarian. Ask not what your country can do for you, do it for yourself.

Now we must act on a global scale.

Getting rid of coal - Fiat driven or innovation drivent
Previously thought population control had to be fiat driven, only China really did it. Turned out that wealth and social trends caused population growth reduction.

fiat- good government policy can accelerate a solution.

Be pragmatic - be an engineer and solve the damn problems
Environmental movement has legacy resistance to nuclear energy and genetically modified food.

But no resistance to synthetic biology which is way more radical then GM food.

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