December 17, 2010

Oracle Optimizing servers for high end transaction processing

Oracle's goal is to be number one in high end systems for high end transaction processing and data warehousing. Oracle has cut Sun Microsystem staff and streamlined the Sun Micro product line to the high end of the market, while engineering those systems to run Oracle's software at optimal levels. Pund-IT analyst Charles King said Oracle has done some "stunning work" on the software side and in developing systems complementary systems, but it still lags behind competitors HP and IBM on the services side.

Here is a rundown of the major IT services firms that Oracle could buy.

Capgemini could be a logical fit for Oracle.

Indian IT firms like Infosys, Wipro and Tata are possible.

Accenture is more than just IT services; its management consultancy arm is responsible for much of its success. Accenture serves 96 of the Fortune Global 100 companies.

Unisys and Cognizant are possible as well.

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