December 13, 2010

Thermal Energy Storage for concentrated solar power

Thermal Energy Storage for concentrated solar power research 21 pages)

* One of the Solar Program goals is to reduce the cost of thermal energy storage to $15/kWh thermal
* Capital cost of storage could be reduced with new concepts

* Thermal energy storage (TES) is a key performance advantage of CSP
* TES enables increased annual energy production
* TES improves dispatchability

Baseline plant selected to be current technology
• Location: Phoenix, Arizona
• Size: 140MWe_gross plant
• Power Cycle: Superheated steam Rankine cycle with reheat
• Cooling: Wet
• Field HTF: Therminol VP-1
• Field Supply: 393 °C (nominal)
• Field Return: 293 °C (nominal)
• Collectors: 5.7m aperture
• Field: “H” configuration, 440 loops
• Storage: 6 equivalent full load hours, 2-tank indirect
• Storage Fluid: Binary salt (60% NaNO3, 40%KNO3)

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