July 03, 2010

Recent Energy Related Deaths

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200 died in the Congo when a fuel truck spilled, exploded and caused a fire in nearby houses.

There have been 34 bodies recovered from a Columbian coal mine and the likely death toll is 74 (40 are still underground and presumed dead)

Three coal accidents in Henan Province.
At least 49 miners died after explosives detonated at Xingdong No. 2 Coal Mine on June 21, 2010. Another deadly gas explosion killed 76 people in the Xinhua No.4 pit in Xinhua District on Sept. 8, 2009. Luoyang City was home to a gas blast that killed 44 people in a coal pit in Yichuan County on March 31, 2010.

2,631 coal miners died in 1,616 mine accidents in China in 2009, down 18% from the previous year.

World Uranium Production for 2009 was 50572 tons

World uranium production for 2009 was 50572 tons

So I won the bet with Dittmar on Uranium production for 2009.

The bet for 2009 was 47,383 tons as over under (the actual midpoint). My prediction was 49,722 tons for 2009
My prediction for 2010 was 56,000+ tons of production. that prediction is also looking good.
My Uranium production forecast from 2009 is below. 3 quarters of production was known, but Dittmar still made a prediction of 44,000 tons for 2009. His prediction of 44,000 tons was off by about 15% for the same year the prediction was made.

Michael Dittmar's incorrect articles were also featured in an MIT Technology Review blog about arxiv articles.

Dittmar also was cited in an article in the Economist (Green View - Fuelling fears : A uranium shortage could derail plans to go nuclear to cut carbon emissions)

Michael Dittmar, a researcher at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, thinks they (International Atomic Energy Agency and the Nuclear Energy Agency) are mistaken. He has studied the uranium supply and argues, in a recent series of papers, that shortages will drive the nuclear renaissance to an untimely end. Although your correspondent suspects that Dr Dittmar is probably being overly pessimistic, he is inclined to agree with him that the Red Book’s precise assessments of what will be economically sensible over 85 years are far from accurate.

July 02, 2010

Carnival of Nuclear Energy 8 - Finland Approves Reactors

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1. Idaho Samizdat - Finland approves plan for two more reactors

The BBC reports Finland's parliament approved the construction of two new nuclear power stations by a vote of 120-72, which indicates the ruling coalition holds a majority on the issue in the 200 member chamber. The bill was opposed by Green League and the Left Alliance. The vote was briefly delayed due to a crowd of several hundred anti-nuclear demonstrators who entered the building.

The two new units will support the country's objective of achieving energy independence from natural gas supplies from Russia. The government said it expects license applications for the reactors by 2014. The two new units could start-up by 2020. The two new reactors, if built, would bring the total fleet to seven units. Finland has four nuclear units in commercial operation that produce about 30% of its electricity

Nanodielectrics for High Temperature Superconductor Insulation and Other Applications

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Nanodielectrics research for HTS and other OE Applications at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (47 pages)

There are few materials for HTS insulation
• Better dielectrics with improved thermal and mechanical properties w/o degrading dielectric and electrical insulation properties
• This can be achieved with Nanodielectrics

Achieved improvements:
• Control of dielectric permittivity
• Dielectric breakdown strength
•Defect tolerant systems
• Thermal stability/thermal conductivity
• Mechanical properties/modulus

Stem cells from blood

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Blood drawn with a simple needle stick can be coaxed into producing stem cells that may have the ability to form any type of tissue in the body, three independent papers report in the July 2 Cell Stem Cell. The new technique will allow scientists to tap a large, readily available source of personalized stem cells.

Cell Stem Cell Articles

Patient-Specific Pluripotent Stem Cells Become Even More Accessible

In this issue of Cell Stem Cell, Staerk et al. (2010), Seki et al. (2010),Staerk et al. (2010), Seki et al. (2010), and Loh et al. (2010) each describe the derivation of human iPSCs from peripheral blood. Although seemingly incremental, this advance brings the stem cell field an important step closer to eventual clinical use.

Generation of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells from Human Terminally Differentiated Circulating T Cells

we have developed a minimally invasive method for hiPSC generation without genomic integration that uses low numbers of hTDCTCs from peripheral blood. This method has advantages for research into stem cell reprogramming, TCR rearrangement, immunologic disorders, and the development of genetic markers for future applications of regenerative medicine. TiPSCs may well be relatively easy to use in a clinical setting.

Reprogramming of T Cells from Human Peripheral Blood

11 pages of supplemental material

Reprogramming of Human Peripheral Blood Cells to Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Our study demonstrates that peripheral blood can be utilized as an easily accessible source of patient tissue for reprogramming without the need to extensively maintain cell cultures prior to reprogramming experiments. This is an important step to make the iPSC technology more broadly applicable

Carnival of Space 160

12 Final Teams in the Automotive 100 MPG XPrize

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There are twelve teams and 15 vehicles left in the Automotive XPrize Competition.

To advance to the Finals Stage, team vehicles needed to demonstrate to the ability to achieve at least two-thirds the minimum fuel economy and range requirements. For fuel economy, this translates to at least 67 MPGe for both vehicle classes. For range, this translates to a minimum of 134 miles for Mainstream class entries (200 miles range required at the Finals Stage) and 67 miles for the Alternative class (100 miles range required at the Finals Stage).

The next step in the X PRIZE is the Finals Stage which goes from July 19th to 30th. The 12 teams that will be competing are:

Mainstream Class
•Edison2, Charlottesville, Virginia (two versions of their combustion-engined Very Light Car will be competing against one another)

Alternative Class - Tandem
•Commuter Cars, Spokane, Washington (Electric)
•Edison2, with a third version of the combustion Very Light Car
•Spira, Carrollton, Illinois/Banglamung, Thailand (Combustion)
•X-Tracer, Switzerland (Electric)

Alternative Class - Side-by-Side
•Amp, Cincinnati, Ohio (Electric)
•Aptera, San Diego, California (Electric)
•Li-ion Motors, North Carolina (Electric)
•RaceAbout Association, Finland (Electric)
•Tata Motors, Coventry, UK (Electric)
•TW4XP, Italy (Electric)
•Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington (Gas/electric)
•Zap, Santa Rosa, California (Electric)

Quantum Dots in Liquid Ink for Printable Lasers, Lights and TV Screens

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Australia's CSIRO has developedliquid inks based on quantum dots that can be used to print devices.

Quantum dots are made of semiconductor material grown as nanometre-sized crystals, around a millionth of a millimetre in diameter. The laser colour they produce can be selectively tuned by varying their size. To build a laser using quantum dots, you need to place them within a structure known as an optical cavity. This structure acts to amplify the light that is produced by the quantum dots to produce the laser.

July 01, 2010

Logi Aerospace Plans to Make DARPAs Flying SUV and Terra Transfugia Gets Approval for Its Flying Car

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Logi Aerospace is pitching to build DARPAs four person flying SUV.

DARPA has 58 pages of specifications around what kind of flying car they want.
* flying/driving range of 250 miles
* measure no more than 30 feet long by 8.5' wide and 9' high
* perform vertical take-off and landing
* carry four people
* perform unmanned operations
* and be easy enough to control that anyone who can drive a Humvee can also pilot the vehicle.
* Capable of handling small arms fire
* Quick entry and exit

Logi Aerospace plans the Tyrannos, which will bea 4-rotor, 4-wheeled, folding wing, Vertical Takeoff or Landing (VTOL), roadable air vehicle. Primary power is supplied via an air-breathing engine coupled to a generator. Secondary power comes from a battery pack. Electric motors drive each of the shrouded propellers and each of the wheels (8 motors in total).

Transformation optics make a U-turn for the better

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Schematic on the left shows the scattering of surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) on a metal-dielectric interface with a single protrusion. Schematic on right shows how SPP scattering is dramatically suppressed when the optical space around the protrusion is transformed. (Image courtesy of Zhang group)

Powerful new microscopes able to resolve DNA molecules with visible light, superfast computers that use light rather than electronic signals to process information, and Harry Potteresque invisibility cloaks are just some of the many thrilling promises of transformation optics. In this burgeoning field of science, light waves can be controlled at all lengths of scale through the unique structuring of metamaterials, composites typically made from metals and dielectrics – insulators that become polarized in the presence of an electromagnetic field. The idea is to transform the physical space through which light travels, sometimes referred to as “optical space,” in a manner similar to the way in which outer space is transformed by the presence of a massive object under Einstein’s relativity theory.

* it is difficult to modify the physical properties of metamaterials at the nano or subwavelength scale, mainly because of the metals.

* Berkeley have shown it might be possible to go around that metal roadblock. Using sophisticated computer simulations, they have demonstrated that with only moderate modifications of the dielectric component of a metamaterial, it should be possible to achieve practical transformation optics results. The key to success is the combination of transformation optics with another promising new field of science known as plasmonics.

Status of China's Wind Energy

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As of summer 2009, China’s installed capacity of wind generation was 14,740 MW nationwide, 5000 MW of which was said not to be grid-connected. The non-grid connected wind power amounts to approximately 50 billion Yuan in capital investment (or ~$7.4 billion U.S.). The June 2010 estimates are that 16,000 MW of wind power is now grid connected out of a total estimated installed capacity of at least 25,000 MW.

China had a 2007 goal of having 30,000 MW of installed wind capacity in China as of 2020 and the new goal is 150,000 MW.

June 30, 2010

High Temperature Superconducting Magnet Possibilities

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High Temperature Superconducting Magnet Possibilities from the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (28 page presentation)

* World’s highest field superconducting magnet – 23.5 T for 1 GHz NMR (Bruker Lyon) - ~ 1 Nb-Ti outer and inner in m OD Nb Nb3Sn
* World’s highest incremental superconducting field (2.8 T in 31 T = 33.8T) – SuperPower YBCO in NHMFL coil - ~ 3.5 cm OD

Military Superconductor Applications - HTS Ships and Airplanes

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There is a review of the military applications of high temperature superconductors.
* superconducting power cables reduce weight, reduce volume, save energy and lower operating costs
* Superconducting generators are being evaluated for onboard utility service
* Improved efficiency, smaller and lighter than conventional generators, eliminates and thermal cycling
* Currently finishing risk reduction technology development tasks, and subscale work
* 49,000 horsepower motor was tested for a large U.S. Navy combatant ship, reduced ship weight by nearly 200 metric tons, and will save close to $1 million annually on fuel

Is there Any Information about the Incriminating Activity and Purpose of Russian Spy Ring ?

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The evidence for this spying that I have read about seems weak. Anna Chapman they arrested when an agent trying to pass her some kind of fake passport in some kind of sting. Other than that she was a partier who partied with Venture capitalists, hedge fund people and rich people. There is also media interest because she is physically hot. She did not hide her nationality.

I do not see the reason for having the spy ring, when the same information and influence could have been achieved via web searches and legal activity.

Progress to Room Temperature Diamond Quantum Computers

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A promising building block for room-temperature quantum computing is the nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center The nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center consists of a substitutional nitrogen atom and an adjacent vacancy in diamond can feature near-unity quantum efficiency, a homogeneous line width, and long electronic spin decoherence time at room-temperature.
Readout of spin state and single qubit gating have been achieved in optical fashion in individual NV centers, and quantum information swapping and entanglement are available between electronic and the nuclear spins. However, scalability is the main obstacle in such a system because entanglement of NV centers in distant diamonds has never been accomplished experimentally. This work is attempt to resolve the problem of scalable entanglement.

Arxiv - One-step implementation of multi-qubit conditional phase gating with nitrogen-vacancy centers coupled to a high-Q silica microsphere cavity

Gel Could Replace Fillings for Cavities and Replace Root Canal and Later Help Heal Bones and Tissue

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A new gel could soon eliminate painful fillings and root canals.
* The technology doesn't prevent cavities; it heals teeth by regenerating them.
* Although this is good news for teeth, the research could also be applied to heal bones and other tissues in the body.

* Teeth Regeneration will only be used rarely. If a filling will work, then dentists will stick with the current cheaper and familiar option.
A new peptide, embedded in a soft gel or a thin, flexible film and placed next to a cavity, encourages cells inside teeth to regenerate in about a month, according to a new study in the journal ACS Nano.

ACS Nano - Nanostructured Assemblies for Dental Application

Any Athlete with a VO2 Max Over 90 ml/kg/min will Be Assumed to be Cheating

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There are new proposals being made to define the maximum human ability of certain characteristics like VO2 max or a cyclists power output and anyone over those limits would be assumed to be a cheater (using performance enhancement)

The highest VO2 max figures on record - around 90 millilitres of oxygen per kilogram per minute - come from cross-country skiers and rowers, who use a high proportion of the muscles in their bodies. Elite cyclists generally score lower because their activity uses a smaller muscle mass

Power output data was used to estimate the VO2 max of several riders on the climb of Alpe d'Huez - one of the longest and steepest on the route - over a number of years. A number of the riders had a VO2 max above 85 ml/kg/min, with some over 90 ml/kg/min.

Tucker estimates that Lance Armstrong, the US rider who has won a record seven Tours, would have produced a VO2 max of between 88 and 97 ml/kg/min when he climbed Alpe d'Huez in 2004. Armstrong has not been found to have used performance-enhancing drugs

Jack Dongarra Interview by Sander Olson

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Jack Dongarra interview by Sander Olson. Dr. Dongarra is the Director of the Innovative Computing Laboratory at the Innovative Computing Laboratory and the Director of the Center for Information Technology Research, both at the University of Tennessee. Dr. Dongarra is an expert in high-performance computing, and will be one of the individuals most responsible for creating the infrastructure necessary to create an exaflop supercomputer. Dr. Dongarra predicts that by 2020, cellphones will have teraflop performance, laptops will have 10 teraflop performance, and supercomputers will achieve exaflop performance.

June 29, 2010

High Level Explanation of Measuring the Speed of Adiabatic Quantum Optimization Processors - Some Real World Benchmarking Shows 10,000 times faster

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Dr. Suzanne Gildert is the author of the wonderful Physics and Cake blog. She has a high level overview of the Investigating the Performance of an Adiabatic Quantum Optimization Processor paper (10 pages) up at the Dwave blog. How do you measure the speed of an adiabatic quantum computer?

This is a tricky question to answer, but this paper gives it a shot. The paper focuses on a special kind of quantum algorithm, known as Adiabatic Quantum Optimization (AQO), which runs on a microprocessor built by D-Wave, and I’m going to try and give a high level overview of the main messages in this paper. The microprocessor itself has been built and tested using a superconducting electronics technology, but this paper concentrates on SIMULATING what it is expected to do. I’ll explain why, and what the results tell us about the promise of these processors.


AQO processors behave more like analog computers than digital ones, so it is particularly tricky to measure their ‘clock speed’ in order to compare it to other processors.

Diamond Methane Impact Nuclear Fusion

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Here is a research paper from 2008 that describes an alternative method to achieving nuclear fusion - Fast Ignition Impact Fusion with DT methane
(H/T Talk polywell

Impact fusion concept has some outstanding features such as "standing off" and high drive efficiency. Historically, as people expected large projectile and excessively high ignition energy, the idea was abandoned because there is no way to accelerate a gram size projectile to necessary hyperspeed. Here we present a new approach, using a millimeter-size diamond bullet, and crystal solid DT methane as the fusion fuel. DT methane has twice DT concentration and five times alpha particle stopping power than DT ice. The smaller size of the bullet is to achieve a "fast ignition" like concept, instead of global compression of former schemes. The physics of this new impact fusion is discussed, and an estimation of ignition energy is presented. With all inborn advantages, impact fusion energy can be very promising.

Lawrence Livermore Simulating Viable Nuclear Bomb Asteroid Deflections

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There have been disagreements about the best way to deflect asteroids. There is option of a nuclear bomb or gentler non-nuclear methods. David Dearborn, a research physicist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, says that if an asteroid was expected to collide with Earth within the next 50 years, using nuclear explosives to divert or disperse the hostile space rock could be the best alternative.

The nuclear bomb is the strongest bomb we know," said Dearborn, who presented his study last month at the 216th meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Miami, Fl. "It's about 3 million times more efficient than chemical bombs. The question is how to use that energy."

The interloping space rock would have to pose a definite asteroid threat to Earth in a relatively short timeframe to justify such a drastic option, the scientists said. And blowing up an asteroid runs the risk of creating more debris to worry about later

China and Taiwan Signed a Trade Deal

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Taiwan is scheduled to sign signed its first trade treaty with China tomorrow, strengthening commercial ties with the fastest-growing major economy and the island’s biggest trading partner and investment destination.

* China will cut tariffs on 539 items from Taiwan valued at $13.8 billion, or about 16 percent of the island’s 2009 exports to the mainland
* Taiwan will cut tariffs on 267 items from China worth $2.86 billion, or about 10.5 percent of the country’s shipments to Taiwan in 2009
* Direct air, shipping and postal links were already re-established. In the first five months of this year, 70,445 Chinese visited Taiwan, 70 percent more than in the corresponding period a year earlier

The deal, known as the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA), will lower tariffs on two-way trade that's now estimated at around $120 billion annually and improve mutual market access in services

Analysts caution that the deal may be the peak for cross-strait relations, at least for the next few years. Any further major deals like ECFA are unlikely until (and if) Taiwan's China-friendly President Ma Ying-jeou is reelected in 2012. And the chances for political or military talks remain slim.

Ma and his party will face tough local elections this November, a legislative election in late 2011, and a March 2012 reelection bid.

The ECFA deal will now be sent to Taiwan's legislature, and the opposition has already begun a debate on how that review process should go. The opposition also looks set to moot another proposal to put ECFA to an island-wide referendum (two previous proposals were rejected by a referendum review committee). But the opposition holds too few seats to block the deal, meaning final passage is expected later this summer.

A Pacemaker for your brain

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Tel Aviv University has developed a brain-to-computer chip which could revolutionize neurological therapy.

By stimulating certain areas of the brain, scientists can alleviate the effects of disorders such as depression or Parkinson's disease. Controlling that stimulation currently lacks precision, over-stimulation is a serious concern — losing some of its therapeutic benefits for the patient over time.

The new chip (called the Rehabilitation Nano Chip or ReNaChip) will help doctors wire computer applications and sensors to the brain. The chip will provide deep brain stimulation precisely where and when it's needed.

June 28, 2010

Iron Superconductors Could Have Critical Fields of 200 Tesla or More and Grain Boundaries Limit Current in Superconductors

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1. There are indications that iron based superconductors could achieve critical fields as high as 204 Tesla to as high as 900 Tesla. An Overview on Iron Based Superconductors is a 20 page pdf. The 204 Tesla is based on the WHH method of extrapolation and the 900 tesla is based on using a graphical extrapolation of the above known data points.

A recent very high critical field of 122 Tesla (by WHH extrapoliation) for the La based system.

From figure 10 - NdFeAsO.7F.3 and Sm compound and another Nd compound seem to track to very high Hc2(Tesla)
H/T Talk Polywell

Carnival of Nuclear Energy 7 - ARC100

Nuclear Green has the 7th carnival of nuclear energy.

ARC 100 and Other Small Reactors

Dan Yurman talks about the Advanced Reactor Concepts (ARC) company developing a 100 MW small modular reactor (SMR) which relies on well-understood fuel developed for a sodium-cooled fast reactor that was actually built and operated at the Argonne National Laboratory West site in Idaho.

Capacity Factor also covers the ARC100
• This is in short, a small, modular, sodium-cooled fast breeder reactor (SFR) of 50-100 MWe size
• They intend to close the fuel cycle with the original Argonne pyroprocessing system, developed for the IFR. This, as described briefly by the CEA, is a "dry" (non-aqueous) fuel reprocessing cycle, based on electrochemistry in molten salt solvents.
• To simplify fuel reprocessing, the reactor's fuel will be metallic uranium and plutonium
• reprocessing is not integral to the power plant (as in the IFR design). Quite the opposite -- ARC has a very heavy fuel loading and high burnup (80-100 GWd/ton heavy metal), allowing for an extraordinary, 20-year refuelling interval

News Channels Filling Up Airtime with Kagan Confirmation Coverage

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The cable news channels are using the Kagan confirmations as airtime filler. This is equivalent to watching a world cup game where one side will stand on the sidelines after being allowed to build a brickwall that completely covers their goal. Then the winner will be decided by about sixty fans of Kagan side (democratic senators). Nothing will happen but meaningless talk and grandstanding and then Kagan will be confirmed.

Historically we can see that the Senate will question Kagan for about 20 hours.

The only supreme court nominee who got to this point who was rejected was Robert Bork
Kagan has no background that can be used to reject her and the approval process is just a majority vote which the Democrats have.

Focus Fusion Explains How Lawrenceville Plasma Physics Could Demonstrate Feasibility

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FFI (Focus Fusion 1), LPP’s experimental device, has achieved higher fusion yields than have been achieved with any other DPF at the same peak current.

Though remarkable, this yield is still 5 orders of magnitude short of the fusion yield required to prove scientific feasibility of focus fusion. How does the team hope to make up the difference?

The scaling still needs to be confirmed, but is based upon some of Lawrenceville Plasma Physics theories and some established theories.

Optical Flow Switching from MIT Could Make the Internet 100 to 1000 times Faster

Krugman is calling this the Early Stages of an Economic Depression and Greg Mankiew Talks about the Risks of Stimulus and Overspending

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Paul Krugman is predicting/observing/declaring that United States (and the world economy) is in the early stages of an economic depression. Krugman is saying this would be more like the Long Depression of 1879 than the Great Depression of the 1930s. A more modern example is it will be like the long Japanese stagnation but worse. Krugman seems to be saying this will and is happening because there is trillions of more dollars that are needed for more economic stimulus and all of the states and local government must be bailed out.

And this third depression will be primarily a failure of policy. Around the world — most recently at last weekend’s deeply discouraging G-20 meeting — governments are obsessing about inflation when the real threat is deflation, preaching the need for belt-tightening when the real problem is inadequate spending

Krugman previously showed the math that he is using to ballpark stimulus size.
* Okun’s Law, the relationship between changes in real GDP and changes in the unemployment rate
* Estimates of the Okun’s Law coefficient range from 2 to 3
* How much do tax cuts and spending raise GDP? The widely cited estimates of Mark Zandi of Economy.com indicate a multiplier of around 1.5 for spending, with widely varying estimates for tax cuts. Payroll tax cuts, which make up about half the Obama proposal, are pretty good, with a multiplier of 1.29; business tax cuts, which make up the rest, are much less effective.
* About $300-600 billion to reduce unemployment by 1% for the USA for about one year
If I understand it correctly, then a four year stimulus to reduce unemployment by 5% for all of those years would be $1.2 to 2.4 trillion.

Greg Mankiew talks about the risks of government stimulus.

Increased government borrowing may also drive up long-term interest rates, which could make it difficult for people to borrow money and could therefore reduce spending today.
* People can anticipate higher future taxes and therefore cut back on their current consumption.

Survey Finds iPhone Users Want Features Available now on Android Phones

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A new study from interactive research and technology firm Vision Critical looks at the features that would get consumers excited about the iPhone.

iPhone Users or potential iPhone Users want features available now on google android phones but they would prefer them with all the rest that comes with Apple iPhones.

  List of features not offered on the new iPhone 
  "Which, if any, of these features would interest you the most?"
-----------------------------------------------------------                                    Canada      USA             UK
FM radio tuner                      43%      30%            34%
Choice of wireless networks         not asked      39%      not asked
A 4G network                        35%      38%            30%
8 megapixel camera                  28%      33%            45%
A larger display                    25%      30%            30%
Wireless syncing                    29%      28%            34%
Removable battery                   24%      27%            28%
A physical keyboard(not touchscreen)17%      21%            19%
None of these                       17%      16%            19%

Sprint Introduces the Samsung Epic 4G Smartphone

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Sprint introduced the Samsung Epic 4G smartphone, which features a four-inch AMOLED touchscreen and a slide-out Qwerty keyboard.

Sprint's Epic smartphone is aimed at a wide range of buyers, including business customers who need push e-mail, Exchange ActiveSync corporate e-mail and integrated calendar services. Sprint said that it also plans to offer Google Mobile Services and "enhanced" device management and security features, but provided no details. The company did not disclose pricing and delivery details.

Epic will initially run Android 2.1, with an upgrade to Android 2.2, or Froyo, coming "in the near future," a Sprint spokesman said

President Obama Is Doubling the Wireless Spectrum for Smartphones and Consumer Broadband

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President Barack Obama is expected to sign a memorandum Monday to nearly double the amount of federal and commercial spectrum available for smart phones and wireless Internet devices

The move comes several months after the two federal agencies that control the nation's airwaves—the Federal Communications Commission and the Commerce Department—began working on plans to identify and free up 500 megahertz of airwaves for consumer mobile broadband services. The announcement is mostly an endorsement of the agencies' continuing efforts.

June 27, 2010

Russian T50 Fighter

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The Russians have a new "stealth" fighter, the T50, which is claimed to be better than the US F-22 fighter.

The F22 has been in production since 2005 and the T50 is expected 2015.
The US is expected to procure 187 of the F22s and then stop buying more.

The T50 as far as I can tell is competitive with the F22. Below are links to various comparisons of specifications of the T50 and the F22. The Russians have a history of matching US planes for speed and acceleration and various other performance.

This could be good for the US military industrial complex in that it gives them a reason to buy more F22s or F35s or to get a new project in order to ensure air superiority.

The T50 should cost $100 million and the F22 costs $140 million. The F22 has gone through production, debugging and upgrades.

The Russians should have success selling the T50 to whichever countries want it. Which sounds like India and China.

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