May 17, 2011

China will export nuclear reactors to Vietnam, Pakistan, Malaysia and others

China plans to build second-generation nuclear power plants in neighbouring countries, including Vietnam, Pakistan, Malaysia and others. At the same time, it wants to increase domestic civilian nuclear production six-fold by 2020. It has tightened security after Fukushima.

After 13 years of development, the CNNC last year successfully developed a new reactor, which has a power generating capacity of 1 gigawatt that provide enough power for 831,000 households on the mainland, Tian said. And it is at least 5 per cent more efficient compared to the original French technology, with a lifespan of 60 years. China wants to focus on exporting its nuclear technology to its neighbours, including Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Pakistan (in the latter, it has already built two 0.3GW reactors).

India and many nations in Southeast Asia and the Middle East appear to have no reservations about the use of nuclear technology, viewed as both non-polluting and cheap.

2. - The uranium subsidiary of China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group (CGNPG) said it is developing two large mines in China's Guangdong province and the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.
The move is likely to add as much as 1,000 tons to the country's annual production capacity of the nuclear fuel.

"The two mines, both of the 10,000 tons level, are expected to start operations in 2013, each with an annual production capacity of no more than 500 tons," said Zhou Zhenxing, chairman of CGNPG Uranium Resources Co

In the past two years, China has signed long-term supply contracts totaling 275 million pounds (137,500 tons) for uranium delivery through 2020, 45 percent of the world's total at the time.

Global demands for uranium could rise to as much as 91,400 tons by 2020, according to CGNPG-URC's forecast.

China's uranium production capacity is 850 tons annually and will reach 2,500 tons in the future

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