June 28, 2011

Brillouin Energy energy pulse process and respectable advisors

New Energy and Fuel has some additional information about Brillouin Energy Corp.

I covered Brillouin Energy a few days ago

Brillouin Energy is in Berkeley California has another Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) method in the development and proving stage. The new method comes at fusion from a different path than the Rossi E-Cat.

Brillouin technique uses electromagnetic pulses on hydrogen or H1. The pulses push some of the hydrogen into dihydrogen or H2 and on to H3 and H4. Finally some hydrogen molecules reach the stage of helium. The method generates heat – more heat energy than electrical energy used to run the pulse.

Using a catalyst the method stimulates a Controlled Electron Capture Reaction (CECR) in the catalyst. The catalyst reaction creates low energy neutrons. The neutrons generate heat as they are captured by other atoms or molecules building up heavier elements.

Does it work or is it scam? The list of folks advising is pretty impressive. The list includes Robert Clear PhD. past Staff Scientist for Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in the Applied Science Division. Then there’s Michael C.H. McKubre PhD., Director, Energy Research Center, Stanford Research Institute. Plus Charles S. Holden, scientific consultant, works with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in development of nuclear Fuel cycles and medical isotopes.

Brillouin’s proprietary electronic pulse generator promotes proton-electron capture reactions. The pulses change some of the protons in metal to neutrons, and surrounding nuclei subsequently captures these produced neutrons. The subsequent neutron capture reactions generate heat, and because the pulses are controlled the thermal output from Brillouin’s proprietary technology safely provides clean heat on demand.

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