June 30, 2011

Commercial Myostatin modulator endorsed by Wayne Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky, the greatest hockey player ever, is joining the Atlas Therapeutics marketing team and to promote MYO-T12 (Myostatin modulator which has clinical testresults) Gretzky will begin his work with the company effective 6/23/11, and ads featuring Gretzky will first appear in mid-July.

Myo-T12 is a myostatin modulator clinically validated to reduce average serum myostatin levels in only 12 to 18 hours with just a single serving. Johns Hopkins University in a 2001 published study that a 20% reduction in serum myostatin will have the result of a significant increase in muscle mass.

I think they are being precise about "validation" tests but not having full blown clinical trials. They are effecting the myostatin levels but have not confirmed muscle growth or disease treatment. Achieving the desired physical effect of myostatin levels is what is being sold. Body buildings are going from there to prove for themselves if they can get the performance and muscle building results.

Other scientific studies have shown that reducing myostatin levels increases muscle growth and size in animals. There are rare individuals who have genetics where myostatin is inhibited and those individuals have larger muscles and are more easily able to increase strength and muscle.

A doctor who developed Myo-t12 describes his personal experience using Myo-T12. He indicates faster recovery from workouts and improved muscle growth.

MYO-T12® been specifically tested in humans?

Yes. In April of 2009 MYO-T12® was tested to see its effect on myostatin and if it truly was better than Folstaxan® in humans. Recall that the results of a prior study on Folstaxan® produced an average reduction of serum myostatin at 24 hours of 11.32% in seven subjects ingesting 20 grams of product, with two non-responders. In contrast, MYO-T12® was tested in 10 healthy adult male human subjects at only a single 10 gram serving size. After baseline myostatin testing, subjects received a single MYO-T12® serving of ten grams. Baseline results before ingestion showed an average level of 27.5pg/ml. At between 12-18 hours after dosing the average serum myostatin declined to 12.6pg/ml with every subject responding positively. This was a staggering 46% drop in myostatin from baseline across all ten subjects. Add to that, unlike the previous study done on the old Folstaxan® where 2 out of the seven subjects were non-responders, here all ten subjects responded. Finally, at the 24-30 hour time point with a mean value of 28.1pg/ml, the average myostatin level completely normalized (Colker C, Effect on Serum Myostatin Levels of High-Grade Handled Fertile Egg Yolk Powder. Reviewed and accepted for poster presentation at the 2009 Annual Meeting of the American College of Nutrition and abstract publication in Journal of the American College of Nutrition, Volume 28, No.3, Abstract 47; October 2009).

MYO-T12® is produced from egg yolks, how much cholesterol does it have compared to a standard egg?

MYO-T12® only contains 35mg of cholesterol in a single 10 gram serving scoop. Credible sources tell us that a single large egg has about 213mg of cholesterol (mayoclinic.com/health/cholesterol/HQ00608). So MYO-T12®, despite amplification, actually has actually about six times LESS cholesterol than an egg!

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