June 28, 2011

Defkalion press conference videos and translated description of the event

Xanthipress - The first official presentation of Defkalion Green Technologies in Xanthi, was held Thursday afternoon in the auditorium of Town Hall Paleo Faliro, Greece. Defkalion is trying to produce energy from the fusion of hydrogen-nickel using the Energy Catalyzer invention of Focardi-Rossi.

The presentation was made by the company president Alekos Xanthoulis, accompanied by the inventor - Andrea Rossi and former Ambassador, also professor at Bologna, Chris Stremmeno while the event was attended by Deputy Development Minister Socrates Xynidis.

Industrial production from the first factory will start in the Fall of 2011, where the core-reactor device (the "secret") will be produced. A second new plant will start operation within the next year in Xanthi, where they will manufacture complete e-cat devices.

A third plant unit will be operational in 2013 (in Xanthi) and will deal with the production of industrial units. The total investment cost estimated at over 200 million euros.

9 Greek diaspora make up the Defkalion Global-fund investment outside of A. Xanthoulis. There is no debt or other financing and stated clearly that there is no request for a grant and the investment is only covered by equity.

The energy catalyzer is a box-reactor that uses nickel and hydrogen, which gives us heat.

Each device can produce up to 30 kilowatts / hour of thermal energy. Each device is estimated to cost 4000 to 5000 euro and the depreciation is estimated to not exceed a period of one year.

They will present in October, 2011 a 1 megawatt device and in November, 2011 a system for 12 megawatts of energy.

The event was attended, apart from company executives, several representatives of the scientific community and representatives of foreign states and organizations show the importance given to the success of the invention. Among them, the representative of the local government of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany controlled by the Green party, the President of the Hellenic-American Chamber, representing the General Secretariat for Research of China, Chairman of the Technical Chamber of Greece The President of the Association of Exporters of Northern Greece as well as the President of "Larco" which will supply nickel as raw material Defkalion. Furthermore, there was quite a large interest from the municipalities of Athens interested in installing systems in municipal buildings.

Videos in Greek

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