June 30, 2011

LTE Advanced: mobile broadband up to 10 times faster than LTE

Ericsson demonstrated LTE Advanced with speeds more than 10 times faster than those currently experienced by LTE consumers in Sweden.

The system, based on commercial hardware, was operating on a test frequency provided by the PTS. This enabled Ericsson to demonstrate LTE Advanced functionality such as carrier aggregation of 3 x 20MHz (60MHz aggregated) over the air in a mobile environment for the first time. The first stages of LTE Advanced are expected to be in commercial operation in 2013.

LTE-Advanced will have a peak speed of 600 mbps and will begin deployment in Korea by 2014. LTE-Advanced enables users to download 700 MB-sized video file in 9.3 seconds.

I had some wireless and fixed line communication speed predictions from 2006.

Wireless superbroadband (50-1000Mbps)           2009-2012

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