July 31, 2011

Daniel Hillis talk on Applied Proteomics

I was at the Singularity University on Friday giving a talk on the most recent developments and capabilities in nanotechnology. (I will shortly have my presentation posted with an article. I saw a talk by Daniel Hillis while I was there The talk was very similar to a TED talk Danny gave at the end of 2010.

- cancer must be thought of as a "verb" instead of a "noun."
- we are cancering all the time. It is only when the body's defences are being overrun with a revolution of cancer that it is a problem
- the categorization of cancer by location makes no sense. It is like ordering a library by the color of the books. It is a holdover from infectious disease where it is useful
- the genome and DNA bases are a parts list. They are the ingredients for a restaurant
- Proteins are the dishes served the restaurant
- His group is making progress on blood biomarkers for colon cancer
- they are making progress towards other early detection that would not require dangerous procedures
- they are working on mice for proving out new ways for long term cancer intervention

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