August 14, 2011

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Lawrenceville Plasma Physics lead project is the development of a dense plasma focus (DPF) fusion reactor, using proton-boron (pB11) fuel, an approach they call Focus Fusion. There latest project can be tracked on twitter.

Aug 11 - FoFu-1 preparing to fire and now fusing

Aug 10 - electrodes - including slotted knife-edge cathode base - back on the machine, that means time to play the slots for fusion!

Aug 10 - checking axial magnetic field coil for any irregularities due to wiggly wires--lookin' good!

Aug 9 - Improvements to cathode base to optimize pinching with knife edge underway, piece should be back from machine shop soon

Aug 5-8 switch tuning and test shots

Aug 5 - TWELVE trigger heads all fixed now! FoFu is preparing to fire!

Aug 4 - twelve upgraded high voltage switches ready

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