September 29, 2011

Pictures and video of Reusable Falcon 9 Spacex Vehicles

Spacex has a page about the Elon Musk National Press Club talk

Hobby Space has highlights and discussion of the Elon Musk talk

- Pivotal break-through is a fully reusable, rapid turnaround rocket
- 2-3% of expendable initial total mass gets to orbit
- Adding reusability cuts into that 2-3%
- Very tough engineering problem. Wasn't sure for awhile that it could be solved. In past year decided that it could be.
- SpaceX will try to do it. No guarantee of success.
- Calculations and simulations say it should work.
- See simulation (video below).
- Falcon 9 is the lowest cost rocket in world at ~$50M
- Fuel is only about $200,000
- So if could reuse it would lead to 100 times reduction in cost.
- Fully reusable rapid turnaround is absolutely required for practical spaceflight and making humanity multiplanetary.
- A little base is not interesting.
- Definitely going to be an adventure to make this happen.
- Doesn't think mining anything on Mars to bring back to earth is viable.
- If you could make moving to Mars cost around $500k, that would be a viable business model.
- If only 1 in a million decided to do that, that's 8000 people. Probably number would be far higher.

/-- Near term - use for sat launches, ISS resupply, etc. Have $3B in orders. Moderately profitable.
Have to stay profitable to make all this happen. Most orders of any launch provider in the world.

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