December 13, 2011

Quantum Dot OLED for paper thin displays

OLED (organic light emitting diode) displays have been getting market share with thinner displays than LCD, lower energy usage and are competitive on cost. Quantum dots(QDs) are a new alternative form of light emitting technology and incorporating them into OLED displays brings many added benefits.

• Better colour purity : the colour produced by QDs is a considerable improvement over competing OLED technologies, which provides for an improved viewing experience for the end user.

• Added flexibility : QDs are soluble in both aqueous and non-aqueous solvents, which provides for printable and flexible displays of all sizes, including large area TVs (QD TV™)

• Improved lifetime : QDs are inorganic; as such they offer the potential for improved lifetimes when compared to alternative OLED technologies.

UK Nanoco are producing a full colour range of displays using our proprietary quantum dots including cadmium free dots. Nanoco, the company is now cooperating with unnamed Asian manufacturers (it’s been speculated that this includes Sharp, Sony, LG, Samsung and others) to bring quantum dot displays to the market place in the next three years.

Early in 2011, Nanoco successfully produced the 1kg batch of red cadmium-free quantum dots (CFQD™) specified by a major Japanese corporation, which triggers a US$2 million payment to Nanoco by the corporation.

Nanoco expects to be able to demonstrate that green CFQD™ meet the final technical milestones within the next few months, which will trigger a milestone payment of US$1 million. This will be followed by the production of 1kg of green CFQD™ for delivery to the same customer in the second half of 2011. Once validated, the green CFQD™ will also attract a US$2 million milestone payment.

Wallpaper or curtain televisions
OLED displays are already thin, but, by using quantum dot methods, they can literally be made as thin as paper. Such a thickness allows people to roll up the QD display and even fit it into their pocket. Another application that Nanoco is looking at, is to create paper-thin wallpaper displays, then can easily be attached to any wall for a quick big screen viewing experience. They’re also looking into so-called quantum display curtains, that you can hang on your window and could , for instance, project a glorious sunrise from a tropical setting when you wake up.

Quantum Dot Lighting

Nanoco Group plc (AIM: NANO), a world leader in the development and manufacture of cadmium-free quantum dots, announces that it has signed a joint development agreement with one of the world's largest lighting companies which is already a major producer of light emitting diode (LED) lights.

The objective of the development agreement is to incorporate Nanoco's cadmium-free quantum dots (CFQDTM) into the lighting company's LEDs to create LED lighting with superior performance characteristics.

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