May 07, 2013

GPUs provide superworkstations with $1100 per Teraflop and Cray has new minisuper

1. The ioMillennia is a 3U, PCIe Gen3 switch from One Stop Systems that can handle sixteen full-size GPU cards.

It has a retail price of about $15,000 for the base unit.

A single Nvidia K20x has a single precision peak of 3.95 teraflop/s, and 1.31 teraflop/s at double precision.

Multiply this by 16 and you get a potential max of at least 63 TFLOP/s single precision and at least 20 TFLOP/s double precision per 3U rack mount unit.

The ioMillennia costs around $18,000 with all four host adapters, and 16 Kepler K20s will cost you an additional $51,200 (16 times $3,200). This is about $70,000 purchase price.

The price performance would be a $1.11 per gigaflop/s single precision ($1,110 per teraflop of single precision) or $3.34 per gigaflop/s double precision ($3,340 per teraflop of double precision).

2. The new Cray XC30-AC systems announced today range in price from $500,000 to roughly $3 million, providing speeds of 22 to 176 teraflops. That's just a fraction of the speed of the aforementioned world's fastest supercomputer, the $60 million Titan, which clocks in at 17.59 petaflops.

The Cray system is about $20-25 thousand per teraflop.

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