September 26, 2013

European nuclear reactors are three times the cost of the same european designed nuclear reactors in China

China has indicated that to 1700 MWe European Pressurized Reactors (EPR) cost $7.5 billion (50 billion yuan).

All of the heavy components have been installed on the chinese reactors and everything appears to be on schedule and budget for a late 2013 start for unit 1 and a 2014 start for unit 2.

On 3 December 2012 EDF announced that the estimated costs for the Flamanville, France EPR 1700MWe reactor escalated to €8.5 billion ($11 billion), and the completion of construction is delayed to 2016.

In December 2012, Areva estimated that the full cost of building the Olkilouto reactor will be about €8.5 billion, or almost three times the delivery price of €3 billion.

$22 billion for two EPR reactors in Europe (France and Finland) is about triple the $7.5 billion for the two chinese EPR reactors.

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