May 28, 2014

New Skyscraper Design Using Prefab Modules will curved designe elements

Located in the Central Business District of Beijing, China, the 300 meters high tower by Henn Architects at the south facade addresses the street, while the secondary entrance on the west facade relates itself to the park. The tower has a constant, efficient, square floor plate. The façade strategy of the building is simple, elegant and redefines the classical high-rise tower into a contemporary architectural language. Since the profiles have certain depth, they also provide a significant impact as sun shading elements which reduce glare and direct radiation into the office interior.

The structural scheme of the tower is a tube in tube with an internal concrete core and a perimeter structure aligned with the regular 3 meter grid of the façade. Due to the density of the grid, the perimeter structure will have a large lateral stiffness. As a consequence the core will attract less load and the core walls can be optimized. The dual system composed of the perimeter and the core provide substantial stability and ductility for such a tall building in a high seismic zone like Beijing. At refuge floors, belt trusses will be used to stiffen the structure. As the perimeter structure is quite strong, outriggers might not be necessary so that the overall construction program can be shortened. The regularity of the perimeter structure will make possible the use of standard prefabricated structure modules. This can help to significantly reduce the construction time and cost.

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