September 26, 2015

Graphic comparing navy fleets of China, Japan and other asian countries

China has 205 ships over 500 tons
Japan has 78 ships over 500 tons
Vietnam has 55 ships over 500 tons
Indonesia has 8 ships
Malaysia has 2 ships
Philippines has 4 ships

Not in the graphic are India, South Korea and North Korea.

India has about 137 ships
As of 2015, the Indian Navy has a strength of 58,350 personnel and a large operational fleet consisting of two aircraft carriers, one amphibious transport dock, 9 Landing ship tanks, 9 destroyers, 15 frigates, one nuclear-powered attack submarine, 14 conventionally-powered attack submarines, 25 corvettes, 7 mine countermeasure vessels, 47 patrol vessels, 4 fleet tankers and various other auxiliary vessels.

South Korea has about 160 ships
The ROK (south Korea) Navy has about 70,000 regular personnel including 29,000 Republic of Korea Marines (as of 2014). In addition, there are about 160 commissioned ships in service with the ROK Navy, including 12 destroyers, 10 frigates, 12 submarines, 21 corvettes and 84 patrol vessels (with a total displacement of about 193,000 tonnes). The naval aviation force consists of about 70 fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. The ROK Marine Corps has about 400 tracked vehicles including self-propelled artillery.

The ROK Navy aims to become a blue-water navy by 2020.

North Korea Navy - a lot of mostly obsolete ships

The annual report of North Korea's military capabilities by the U.S. Department of Defense, released in early 2014, identified the North Korean Navy's strength at 60,000 personnel, 70 submarines, 420 patrol combatants, 260 amphibious landing craft, 30 mine warfare vessels, and 30 support ships. North Korea’s submarine force purportedly consists of 70 mostly obsolete boats, primarily used for coastal defense and reconnaissance operations, with limited capability for more offensive anti-ship operations (partially mostly due to lack of long-range air cover). The Korean People’s Navy (KPN) is believed to possess 20 Romeo-class vessels, 1,800-ton diesel-electric subs based on 1950s Soviet technology; 40 home-built 370 tons Sang-O-class diesel-electric submarines specifically designed for the insertion of special operation forces into the South but also capable of laying mines and conducting antisurface warfare; and approximately ten 130 tons Yono-class midget submarines.

By 2020, China should have about 350 ships. by 2020 China’s navy will already increasingly look like a smaller version of the U.S. Navy and will be “the second most capable ‘far seas’ navy in the world.” In five years, the PLAN’s capabilities would dwarf most other navies – China would have as many aircraft carriers as Britain and India, more nuclear attack submarines than either Britain or France, and as many AEGIS-like destroyers as all the other non-US navies combined. China would have two aircraft carriers, 20-22 AEGIS like destroyers and 6-7 nuclear attack submarines, while United States would have eleven aircraft carriers; 88 AEGIS like destroyers; and 48 nuclear attack submarines.

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