October 04, 2015

Carnival of Nuclear Energy 281

The Carnival of Nuclear Enery 281 is up at Neutron Bytes

Forbes – Jim Conca - Bill Gates Forges Nuclear Deal With China

Bill Gates and Chinese President Xi Jinping met in Seattle to sign an agreement between his nuclear power company, TerraPower, and the China National Nuclear Corporation that will allow the two countries to collaborate on advanced nuclear technologies that address safety, environmental and cost issues, and even burns spent nuclear fuel from old reactors. Hovering over the meeting was climate change, cyber-theft, trade-sanctions and Chinese military aggression in South East Asia.

Nuclear Economics - Some of the ideas discussed in the NEI brainstorming session are covered in this Commentary.

Short-term nuclear operating flexibility may be able to enhance the returns for existing nuclear power plants. Long-term flexibility to mothball nuclear power plants may allow uneconomic units to return to service years later when electricity market prices are higher.

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