May 23, 2016

Solid state RF technology enables cheap and portable battery and solar powered microwave

Wayvtech will launch the Adventurer portable battery or solar powered microwave by next year. It has 200 watts of power and can run for 30 minutes on lithium ion batteries. It is about the size of a water thermos and weighs 2.6 pounds. It will only cost $199.

The device is enabled by solid state RF (radio frequency) technology that has been used for cellphone stations. Regular microwaves use vacuum tubes.

The new appliance demonstrates NXP’s leadership in driving compelling new product innovations into the smart cooking market through solid state RF technology. NXP RF technology offers maximum power transfer with controllable energy to the food with less wasted heat. Making it better for the planet.

“NXP’s leading RF power output, high efficiency, and industry leading expertise has provided the platform to enable us to develop the Wayv Adventurer,” said Paul Atherton, CEO and Founder at Wayv. “Delivering innovative RF cooking appliances that provide more convenient and healthier food and beverage heating options to consumers are benefits we hope to bring to the marketplace. NXP technologies helps us deliver on those fronts. We’re proud to partner with NXP on driving this new product into the market.”

NXP’s RF module solution, which delivers 250W of RF power at high efficiency, combined with Wayv’s RF antenna, helps deliver excellent cavity efficiency for effective power transfer to the food. Since battery operated appliances currently have limited electrical power, the best possible efficiency is essential. NXP’s RF module solution delivers high efficiency power combined with Wayv’s high efficiency antenna solution which allows for multiple heating cycles before recharge. The technology platform includes NXP’s MKW40Z Kinetis microcontroller (MCU) with a 2.4 GHz signal generator, a MMA25312 pre-driver, MHT1008 driver and MHT1004 final stage amplifier into a single, integrated closed-loop module.

The lining of the Wayv Adventurer easily slides out allowing you to clean, its even dishwasher safe.

Can I only heat pre-packaged food? With the versatile liner you can put between 100ml and 500ml of either food or drink to be heated.

How safe is it? The Adventurer was originally developed with the Military in mind and has undergone rigorous testing.

Could it be used as part support to disaster relief situations? Yes, as the unit is rechargeable, compatible with solar charging panels, it will be ready to be used in all environments.

Can I use the Wayv in fire ban areas? Wayv adventurer can be used in all fire ban areas as there are no naked flames.

SOURCES - Wayvtech, NXP, Youtube

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