Tabby Star, which has unusual dimming that is possible evidence of superadvanced aliens, will get extensive observation from 100 meter SETI radiotelescope
Stryker light armored vehicle will have 5 kw combat laser in 11 months and an 18 kilowatt combat laser by 2018 for countering drones and missiles
Cold War 2.0 update with 40 million Russian people involved in 4 days of civil defense drills
IMF and other GDP and GDP per capita projections
World Economy is close to a recession at 3.1% projected growth when 2.5% GDP growth or less is defined as world recession
Drones with AI can identify armed and unarmed people at a mock middle east compound
First full level 4 autonomy self driving truck delivery was 50,000 cans of Budweiser beer
Future US Marines will hit beaches with Swarms of many types of drones first then Marines will Follow
China building small lead cooled fast nuclear reactor that can fit inside a shipping container and generate 10 MW of heat or about 4 MW of electricity
Elon Musk envisons Mars colony with Geodesic domes and big underground which may be strikingly similar to Babylon 5 TV show
Russia claims active protection system for Armata tanks can successfully intercept uranium core cannon shells which would make Armata invulnerable to other Tanks
Positron Dynamics Vision of Antimatter Catalyzed Fusion
Firmamentum, division of Tethers Unlimited, gets contract for demo of on orbit spiderfab manufacturing which will revolutionize space construction
China building 370 mph maglev trains
US Army live fire testing smart gun that actively corrects aim
3D-printed heart-on-a-chip with integrated sensors and pave the way for more complex devices
Marlon Brando foundation funded successful effort to clear Zika virus mosquito from Atoll islet that was owned by Brando
Vaccine with a cocktail of 50 types of cold viruses gives cold immunity in monkeys and cold vaccine human trials are next with full 83 virus cocktail
New metamaterial could dramatically improve imaging, sensing and communication applications
Hybrid boron nitride-graphene nanostructures could enable fuel cell cars
Positron Dynamics near term work to proving out antimatter catalyzed deuterium fusion propulsion with over 100,000 ISP
Vector rocket will be second stage of DARPA spaceplane for cheap daily microsatellite launches