Other tech: Mass marketing video headsets with Video iPod : $599, 2006

eMagin Corp. has developed a wearable headset system that plugs into Apple Computer’s video iPod and displays video from it in front of one eye, using optical technology designed to give the picture a higher resolution and make it appear larger than on the iPod’s screen. Using the EyeBud headset is akin to watching a 105-inch display from 12 feet away. The EyeBud uses the same underlying technology as eMagin’s more advanced Z800 3DVisor, an existing system that retails for $899. eMagin has had total sales of $10 million in sales over the last ten years with $15 million in annual losses.

The wearable video headset market is projected to be a $1 billion market by 2009

Assuming that the video iPod (as well of personal displays for cellphones and other applications) is very successful and sales volume of video display headsets increase. Then the price of wearable headsets would likely drop into the $200 or less range in 2008.

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