New Nanorex atomically precise designs

Nanorex is showing several new atomically precise designs Nanorex Inc. is the leading provider of computational modeling tools made specifically for the design and analysis of productive nanosystems. Nanorex’s first product, nanoENGINEER-1™, is a 3D nanomechanical CAD program. nanoENGINEER-1, the most powerful nanomechanical engineering software on the planet, is an Open Source (GPL) project sponsored by Nanorex, Inc. One of the designs, the SRG-III, is the third parallel-shaft speed reducer gear created by Mark Sims (founder of nanorex). It is the first molecular gear train ever designed. With 15,342 atoms, the SRG-III is the single largest nanomechanical device that has been modeled in atomic detail.

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