Information related to robotics and other misc. predictions

Berkeley robotic suit
Japanese Bionic suits
iRobot Roomba robots
More on Roomba
Japanese robot maker tmsuk
tmsuk makes a 3.5 meter tall $600,000 rescue robot
pictures of other funky japanese robots

Diesel Hybrid cars

Artificial intelligence at wikipedia

Plastic circuits

1000 processors for under $100K

Spintronics at wikipedia
more on spintronics

spintronics and MRAM

growing diamond
More on manmade diamond

Wikipedia on nuclear fusion
Inertial confinement fusion

Cold fusion related info
Cold fusion ongoing developments

Large area stunning/incapacitation technology. Using lasers and other energy beams to incapacitate or kill people in a large area.
A breakthrough in this area where the weapon could bypass physical objects (sound, x-rays and other frequencies) and function without too many side effects for long duration would allow for unimpeded operations in the effected area. It would be particularly powerful when combined with thought scanning technology.

Thought scanning technology.

Telescope imaging

Lightspeed chip

Desktop Particle generators, accelerators, Laser Fusion, Neutron generators etc…
Wikipedia on particle accelerators
Plasma wakefield particle acceleration.
Civilian laser fusion
Desktop fusion advance
Nuclear fusion advance
Desktop nuclear fusion demonstrated
Physics news 1
Physics news II
Physics news III

New Worlds Imager and hypertelescope

Supervolcano below Yellowstone

Kardashev scale

Technological singularity

Perfect lenses at different wavelengths

body modification