Other tech: robots

Here is a summary of recent advances in regards to robotics. Some have been mentioned before on this blog, but are summarized here.

New consumer robots. Furry robot horse that can be ridden $300

Robotic pack mule, 4 legs, stable, able to carry over 40 kilograms

100 times more powerful artificial robot muscle

Currently, robotic muscles move 100 times slower than ours. New research could make robotic muscles 1,000 times faster than human muscles — with virtually no extra energy demands and the added bonus of a simpler design. Conjugated polymers can actuate on command if charges can be sent to specific locations in the polymer chain in the form of “solitons” (charge density waves).

Fastest industrial robot can now move 200 parts per minute

Tree climbing robots

Better, more sensitive robotic grips

Another summary of new robots and robotic developments