My predictions article

List of article that shows why I made predictions of various topics:
basis for my molecular nanotechnology predictions
Space prediction related
Robotics and other prediction related
Future materials related
Longevity and future medicine related
Fooling the senses and fake reality related
Quantum computer related
Energy related
Communication related
Futurist related
Statistics about the world now part I
Statistics part II

New added references:
Open Ocean Aquaculture is discussed here and in the April 2006 issue of popular science This relates to the prediction of large ocean fish farms that go along with the fresh water fish farms.

Fooling the senses: fabricated smells

In the Wildcard prediction area: War with Iran 2007
Escalating rhetoric on both sides
Military options discussion
More justifications for war
Analysis of Iran’s miscalculations
57% of Americans would support action against Iran, if Iran tries to proceed with nuclear program
Estimate of less than one year before Iran is nuclear capable