Paint on quantum dot lasers

Researchers at the University of Toronto have created a laser that could help save the $200-billion dollar computer chip industry from a crisis expected in 2010 dubbed the “interconnect bottleneck.” To tackle this problem, Ted Sargent, a Canada Research Chair in Nanotechnology, created the new laser using colloidal quantum dots — nanometre-sized particles of semiconductor that are suspended in a solvent like the particles in paint. “We’ve made a laser that can be smeared onto another material,” says Ted Sargent. Ted Sargent was named one of the world’s top young innovators” by MIT’s Technology Review Magazine and has been called the boy wonder of nanotechnology The process of applying the quantum dots is simple and quick. Dip in the chip and dry in 5 minutes.

This and other research are at his research groups site

Ted Sargent has written a book on nanotechnology, which you can buy at the link below.