Nanoscale capsules could help enable hydrogen economy

SiGNa Chemistry has nanoscale capsules that stabilize extremely dangerous compounds (alkali compounds) normally prone to igniting or exploding. They can also be used to generate hydrogen gas at a superior rate than the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) 2015 goals for hydrogen production. The DOE 2015 goal for hydrogen production is a material that can generate 8 weight percent hydrogen. The company was featured in the 2006 Fast Company magazine 50 companies and was named the Forbes/Wolfe Nanotech Report “Company to Watch”.

ie. put in 100 grams of a material and eight grams of hydrogen back

This material currently can get up to 9 weight percent hydrogen. It has the potential of achieving 13 or 14 weight percent hydrogen which is nearly double the DoE 2015 goal.

The capsules also promise to simplify pharmaceutical synthesis. The drug industry traditionally tried controlling alkali metal reactivity by dispersing it in liquid ammonia, which requires cryogenic temperatures as well as dealing with environmental and safety hazards and regulations.