Other tech: Gliding and climbing like batman

The lightweight carbon fibre mono-wings will allow them to jump from high altitudes and then glide 120 miles or more before landing – making them almost impossible to spot, as their aircraft can avoid flying anywhere near the target. The technology was demonstrated three years ago when Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner – a pioneer of freefall gliding ‘flew’ across the English Channel, leaping out of an aircraft 30,000ft above Dover and landing safely near Calais 12 minutes later. Wearing an aerodynamic suit, and with a 6ft wide wing strapped to his back, he soared across the sea at 220mph, moving six feet forward through the air for every one foot he fell vertically – and opened his parachute 1,000ft above the ground before landing safely. The devices should allow a parachutist to glide up to 120miles (in development, current range is 24 miles or 40 kilometers), carrying 200lb of equipment.(German company ESG)

Fitted with oxygen supply, stabilisation and navigation aides, troops wearing the wings will jump from a high-altitude transport aircraft which can stay far away from enemy territory – or on secret peacetime missions could avoid detection or suspicion by staying close to commercial airliner flight paths.

The manufacturers claim the ESG wing is ‘100 per cent silent’ and ‘extremely difficult’ to track using radar. The integration of small turbo jet drives for UAVs in the second development stage will make it possible to carry persons over long distances without the need to jump from an extreme height.

The PowerQuick® Personal lifting device is a battery-operated work positioning device that makes working at heights quicker, safer, and less expensive. Think of it as a personal elevator that climbs a standard rope. Military version can climb at a rate of 1 m/s or faster. Commericial version about 0.27m/s (1 foot/sec). The PowerQuick® Powered Ascender was originally designed as a tool to allow Special Forces personnel to safely and quickly ascend buildings, ships, etc for tactical applications. Depending upon charge can last for up to 200 meters.

K9 Kalmer Dog calmer emits a stream of music (audible only to canine ears), which the manufacturers claim will calm dogs and stop them from barking.

Innerpace Dolphin Personal Watercraft is able to submerge several feet underwater, this “watercraft” is powered by a 110 hp engine and can reach speeds of up to 30 mph.