Advances in short term cryonic suspension

Cryonic suspension of pigs for a few hours could be used in humans for better trauma surgery. The surgeons drain the blood and connect tubes to the aorta and other vessels, filling the circulatory system with chilled organ-preservation fluid – a nearly frozen daiquiri of salts, sugars, and free-radical scavengers. cryogenic suspension may be just two years away from clinical trials on humans. They have suspended 200 pigs for an hour each, and although experimental protocol calls for different levels of care for each pig, the ones that got optimal treatment all survived. Trauma surgeons currently have time limits to save people with serious wounds, like gunshots. It is a race against the effects of blood loss. When blood flow drops, toxins accumulate; just five minutes of low oxygen levels causes brain death.

More about long term cryonics is here at the Alcor site and here at the wikipedia article on cryonics