Quantum computer scenario from Fortune Magazine

A projection of life with more advanced computers in 2030 is from Fortune Magazine. It claims to be projecting quantum computers but mixes in spintronics, brain-computer interfaces and other technology.

Hatband computer is communication center and intelligent assistant, which scans and sorts the 500,000 e-mails at night and then sends results directly to the brain. Quantum computer weather simulations forecast accurately out 5 years.

Using spintronics for computation not just memory. A team at the University of California at Santa Barbara, led by David Awschalom, has made big progress in this direction by controlling electron spins in semiconductors and other materials a few nanometers in size. In 2004, Dan Rugar of IBM performed what the American Institute of Physics dubbed the most important experiment of the year by using a magnet to control the spin of a single electron.

The article has forecasts about ubiquitous computing (computers everywhere), human level Artificial intelligence, and brain computer interfaces.