High resolution cameras available now

Better Light makes several high resolution cameras

E models use recycled CCD and video PC boards
Model 4000E-HS 56 megapixels MSRP $6,495
Model 6000E-HS 144 megapixels MSRP $9,495
Model 6000-HS 144 megapixels MSRP $12,495
Super 6K-HS 216 megapixels MSRP $14,995
Super 8K-HS 384 megapixels MSRP $17,995
Super 10K-HS 614 megapixels MSRP $22,995

Note: these are scanbacks and you will need a camera like the Linhof 4X5 for about $4,000 to 10,000.

Better Light’s digital scanning backs do not capture an image of the subject in front of the camera all at once, but rather by physically moving a unique, highly-optimized trilinear color image sensor smoothly across the image plane, building up the image one line per color at a time.

This means that scanning backs are typically used only for photographing relatively stationary subjects illuminated by continuous light. Continuous advancements in image sensor and processing hardware and software over the past decade have made these high-resolution capture devices much faster and easier to use, but scanning backs will probably not be used for fashion or sports photography any time soon.

Frequently asked questions about the cameras

A place for getting the cameras for 20-30% less than MSRP

Other high resolution professional cameras
Hasselblad H2D-39 is about $30,000

Hasselbald H2D-22 are about $20,000

Canon has a 16.7 megapixel camera for about $7,000

An article that discusses a product comparison testing of super high resolution cameras

Building your own high resolution (120-490 megapixel) camera using a flatbed scanner as a backend. Costs about $1000-1300. The 490 megapixels is based upon 2400dpi scanners. Currently 6400dpi is available for flatbed scanners So the resolution of a DIY system would be over 2 gigapixels.

the DIY 122-490 megapixel camera

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