other tech: fairly practical flying car finally

Fabric wing flying cars are here. New lighter fuel efficient cars would be modifiable to flying easily. If the FAA, insurance companies and other regulatory bodies would allow it. It looks like it would be a somewhat practicle flying car where the car temporarily converts.

Atair is also working on a two-person paragliding buggy called Chimera, which has a propeller at the back and powered wheels.

More on the tactical capabilities Adding a small 30 HP engine with propeller to the HAHO Pod adds additional strategic capabilities. The engine provides propulsion for extended and ascending flight. The system can take off again once landed, being airborne in 50-150 feet; a paved runway is not required.

It could be parachuted from an aircraft and travel around on the ground, becoming airborne when necessary by redeploying its canopy. It will travel at about 46.3 kilometres per hour and consume 7.5 litres of fuel per hour, the company says.