Ovonic Cognitive computer perhaps what the Ovonic quantum control makes possible?

Here is a pdf from 2004 where Ovshinksy discusses the Ovonic Cognitive computer A single Ovonic device (or in some cases, two devices) of subnanometer size is able to have many multiple functions such as the demonstration of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, along with the standard binary activity of any computer, it also can do nonbinary processing, modular arithmetic and encryption as well as factoring. This goes along with being potentially cheaper and low power usage and enabling an all thin film computer.

The device has neuron like features. It can operate at smaller than 10 nanometers and can be used by itself or can be mixed in with semiconductors. The neuron like features could enable advances towards far better artificial intelligence.

IV curves of Multi-terminal OQCD (Ovonics quantum control device)

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