Quantum Computer Summary

Details about Dwave Systems superconducting quantum computer

Link to paper on superconducting computer potential

Electron spin quantum computing breakthrough Burkard says electron-spin qubits could now rapidly catch up with more established methods of quantum computing. “I see no roadblocks to moving towards the first implementation of small quantum algorithms using electron-spin qubits,” he says.

Ovonic Quantum control device. Not a quantum computer but enables all thin film computers and could be better than transistors in many cases. They have neuron like features.

Quantum algorithm introduction. Exponentially better for fourier transform

Ion trap quantum computer could scale to thousands of qubits

Laser tweezers sort atoms to help enable quantum computers

Electron bubbles could enable 100+ qubit quantum computers

Possible path to room temperature quantum information processing

12 qubit quantum computer

Original background information on my quantum computing predictions Also, has a link to the 2004 quantum computing roadmap.

My predictions article from early 2006.
Originally predicted.
Quantum computing 100 qubits 2010-2014
Quantum computing 1000 qubits 2015-2020

I am now more optimistic. 100 qubits could happen as soon as 2007. [Now it appears to be 2008 for over 100 qubits. The company is targeting 1024 qubits]
Maybe 1000 qubits by 2009-2012. Could scale up to lot more with three to five competing technologies. (superconductors, ion traps, electron spin, electron bubble and one of the dark horse tech – solid state, optical, cavity QED, neutral atom, nuclear magnetic resonance). Plus spending $200+ million for a super quantum computer with tens of thousands or millions of qubits is conceivable if it were just a matter of building them and there were no technical limitations.

More details on the patents for the dwave superconducting computer A series of josephson junction loops (multi-junction phase). Based on funding and progress I am thinking 32-40 qubits when they release, with the potential for hundreds and thousands of qubits. [They released a 16 qubit demo, although a 32 qubit upgraded demo is expected before the end of 2007]

D-wave computers are a variant of adiabatic quantum computation (AQC). Links to papers about the potential of such systems.

The Dwave systems superconducting quantum computer is designed only for Maximum Clique NP-complete problems. This is the same as Maximum Independent Set and Minimum Vertex Cover.

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