Latest in robotics

A one foot tall programmable robot with a built in camera, voice and facial recognition. It will be commercially available Oct 2006 for about $750.

Robotic scrub nurses are here

For those who want something more powerful than a Roomba vacuum cleaner. This one will unload the dust bag from the bot (the base station has to be emptied, but you do not touch the dirt) and charge itself. The first is set it and forget it. You can set the time of cleaning and the length of time. The Robocleaner can clean while you’re away. It’s like having a room cleaned by magic. The second feature is automatic recharging. No need to plug it in. As soon as the battery starts running low, the Karcher RC3000 RoboCleaner automatically returns to the Base Station and recharges. The third feature is It also automatically empties its dirt container into the charger unit’s filter bag. With this system, you have virtually no contact with dirt. All you do is change the charger unit’s filter bag.