Regenerative medicine and stem cell update

Scientists are designing stem-cell-based therapies for degenerative retinal diseases.

Fighting Aging updates the continuing development and application of the VesCell therapy from TheraVitae in Thailand.

VesCell uses adult stem cells that are harvested from approximately ½ pint of the patient’s own blood. In the lab, these stem cells are transformed into millions of cells called Angiogenic Cell Precursors (ACPs). ACPs are stem cells that induce the growth of blood vessels in diseased areas of the body. Emerging research suggests that ACPs may also form additional cell types and secrete compounds conducive for growth. It is being used to treat heart and artery disease.

Research into the protein p16INK4a and the gene producing it should be watched. They can be used to switch off aging in stem cells

If you asked before these studies whether you could delete a single gene and rescue stem cell function in multiple tissues, and neurogenesis in an old brain, many people would have said that aging is such a complex phenomenon that you would not get a significant effect.

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