Strategic technology plan for climate change

The current US dept of Energy plan for climate change at this site The actual 243 page pdf is here

The strategic goals as follows:
1. Reduce emissions from energy end use and infrastructure;
2. Reduce emissions from energy supply;
3. Capture and sequester carbon dioxide;
4. Reduce emissions of non-carbon dioxide greenhouse gases;
5. Improve capabilities to measure and monitor GHG emissions; and
6. Bolster basic science contributions to technology development.

The list of actual funded programs for 2006 and 2007 is in the appendix.

They like the advanced burner reactor to control nuclear waste, carbon sequestering, emission control at source and emission reduction for end use.

I also like better solar and wind, carbon sequestering, thorium reactors, 200+mpg hybrid diesel/fuel cell/ultraconductor cars, space based power using magnetically inflated cable, man made volcano effects, space solar shields, more energy efficiency in the power grid, lighting and home heating.

Nanoscale technology is considered to make production cleaner. (age 221)

Existing and future nuclear power plants can be made more efficient which would provide a quick 160GW boost in non-carbon producing power

Thorium reactors also could be part of the solution

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