Understanding Gene Therapy boosting T-cells to beat cancer

The human immune system has about 2 trillion lymphocytes. About one trillion are t-cells T lymphocytes develop from precursor stem cells in fetal liver and bone marrow and differentiate into mature cell types during residence in the thymus. Mature T lymphocytes (antigen responding, response control, and response mediating cells) are present in thymus, spleen, lymph nodes, throughout skin and other lymphatic organs, and in the bloodstream.

In the recent anti-cancer success, T-cells were provided with receptors that were 100 times more effective in helping them target the cancer tumor.

Here is another online tutorial about how t-cells work

This site has a tool that shows the size of different cells

A t-cell is about 20 microns in size

Basic view of cells and receptors.

More detailed representation of t cell receptor