Calorie Restriction mimicking drugs

From Fighting Aging, there is a list of several companies that are making drugs that mimick caloric restriction. Sirtris Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Cambridge, MA, has begun testing a resveratrol-based drug in diabetic patients. It has raised $82 million from venture capitalists, a hefty sum for an early-stage biotech.

It faces competition from Elixir Pharmaceuticals Inc., also based in Cambridge, which Dr. Sinclair’s former mentor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology biologist Leonard Guarente, co-founded in 1999 to develop drugs based on gene variants that slow aging. The niche also includes BioMarker Pharmaceuticals of Campbell, CA, and LifeGen Technologies of Madison, WI, both of which focus on mimicking CR with drugs.

The FDA does not recognize aging as a problem. So all of the drugs are for the treatment of specific diseases. Over regulation is slowing the battle against aging and cancer Companies must run a 19 year $897 million gauntlet to get drugs to market.