Future DNA Sequencing $100K per genome and $1000 genome

Here is a pdf of a research paper that surveys new DNA sequencing approaches Several approaches could provide genome (3 billion base pairs) sequencing for $100,000 within 4 years.

Cycle extension methods

454 Corp pyrosequencing
Quake cycle extension
Solexa cycle extension

Solexa corporation’s approaches could reach a cost $9000 to $15000 to sequence a genome.

Genovoxx cycle extension

Polymerase reading methods
Zero-mode waveguide
Visigen polymerase read
Molecular motors method
Exonuclease sequencing

Potential $1000 genome sequencing approaches
DLA (Direct Linear Analysis)

DLA enables the real time single molecular scanning of DNA molecules using a nanofluidic device
nanopore sequencing

2005 government awards for genome sequencing

2006 government funded DNA sequencing technologies